Couch Surfing

Did you know there is a community of travelers that open up their homes to other travelers for free? It’s true! It is one of the greatest treasures Tom and I have found this year.

Here’s the basic concept; you make a profile on the site (much like other social media sites), then you can either “host” or “surf” with other members of the website. So when you surf with someone, you typically meet up with them and hang out and they will either show you around their city, or at least give you some ideas for fun things to do while you’re there, and they let you stay at their home. After you either host or surf, you then are prompted to leave a review for the person that you hosted or surfed with (and of course they do the same with you.) This is how the community stays safe. Everyone can see your reviews and if you get a bad one, no one will want to host or surf with you again.

I cannot imagine a more fun way to meet new people! We’ve met countless different, wonderful people just this year alone through couch surfing. Many of these people we now call friends! And they are from all walks of life. We’ve met chefs, lawyers, farmers, event organizers, musicians, students, rock climbers, and even a hypnotherapist! We’ve also met people from Europe, Asia, and South America. The things all of these vastly different people have in common are their love of travel and their open minds and hearts. They also all have some pretty great stories to tell!

Oh, and you get to meet all these lovely peoples’ incredibly adorable pets!

So if you are looking for a way to go to new places that you don’t know much about, have a tight budget, or just want to meet some fabulous new people, I HIGHLY recommend joining!


One thought on “Couch Surfing

  1. I’m so glad you have found this method of traveling. I’ll admit I was wary at first, but you all have had great success with it!


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