Week 2 of Our Adventures

(Written April 13th, 2016)

This past week, Tom and I have spent time in Georgia and Florida (with some driving through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.) We played a hardcore show in Marietta, GA. That was quite an interesting experience. As you can imagine, our indie rock/pop sound was a bit different from the other bands that night, but it was still a fun show. There was a bit of frustration with the venue and the negative attitude of the other bands, but it was only a tiny bump in the road that night. What was truly fantastic was seeing that goodness was just around the corner for us! We didn’t get paid at the venue, but on our last night in GA, we played outside of Copper Coin Coffee (their caramel bianca was delicious) in Woodstock, GA for an hour or so and made more than double than what we would have made at the venue! It seems that as long as we stay positive and loving, we will be taken care of.

We also got to spend a little time at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta and we loved it! I wish we could have been there longer!

After Georgia, we made our way down to Florida! We were lucky enough to have a fantastic hostess that showed us around Jacksonville. We ate some delicious tacos and a phenomenal dulce de leche milkshake at Corner Taco. Then we walked down to Memorial Park by Saint John river. It was gorgeous! There’s nothing like taking in local nature. I’ve been enjoying taking note of the differences in nature in the different states we’ve been to so far. I can’t wait until we’ve been all over the U.S.!

Last night we played at a place called Jack Rabbit in Jacksonville, FL and had an absolutely fantastic time! We played with a band named, Dovetonsil who were incredible! They were unique and fascinating to watch! They also were all really wonderful people. We hope to play with them again when we come back through Jacksonville! IMG_1707


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