Leaving Nashville

Before beginning our new nomadic life, there was a lot that we had to do. We officially quit our jobs last month, so we could devote all our time to getting this life started. We began doing some conversions on our vehicle, so we could more easily live out of it. Also, we began the process of getting rid of a lot of our belongings and deciding what would we would keep with us. This was a very eye-opening experience. I didn’t realize just how many material possessions I truly had, and how little of it I truly need. The life we are embarking on is a simple one, and the simplicity feels so freeing.

We also finished our album, We Create Our Maps, We Create Our Treasures, and had a fantastic album release/ bon voyage show at Phat Bites Deli. It was wonderful to mark the beginning  of our new chapter in life with so many of our friends and family. We were amazed by all of the love and positivity that filled that night.

After that, we had to start saying “see you later” to all of our Nashville friends and family. Leaving was such a bittersweet experience. As absolutely thrilled as we were to get this new chapter started, leaving the ones we love so dearly was not easy. We are so blessed to have such loving people in our lives that have been cheering us on since day 1. We are also thankful that we didn’t have to truly say “goodbye,” because we already have dates set for our first visit back!


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